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To open a new salon it takes the right furnitures. Find a showroom near you who specializes in this type of furnitures and choose what you like best. All addresses to make your search more easily and fast. In this site you will find the addresses of the most important forniture of hair products for many in which you can find: hair accessories; accessories for nail; furnishings for hairdressers; curling; equipment for hairdressers; hair conditioner; trolleys for hairdressers; helmets hairdryer; waxing; hair dyes; highlights; cosmetics; creams dyes; hair creams; body creams; face creams; hair bleaches; solar showers; elettrodepilatori; irons arricciastiracapelli professional; irons waving hair; hairpins; supplies for health centers; supplies for cosmeticians; supplies for beauty salons; colored gels for nails; hair gel; wholesale cosmetics; hair sprays; Lamps for nail; shampoo; shampoo basins; water beds; massage beds; nail files; lines trichological reinforcing; hair products; polishes hair; shelves for hairdressers; furniture for hairdressers; cosmetic oils; oxidizing hair; combs and brushes professional hair; hair combs; hair straighteners; armchairs for hairdressers; bleaching powder; products made of keratin; Fall Hair products; dandruff products; beauty products; products for hair straightening and permanent; restorers of the hair; hair products; saunas; hair shampoos; mirrors for hairdressers; hair clipper. A wide range of all the products needed for the hair stylists.

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Hairdressers take care of the health of hair in beauty and aesthetic salons,with style hairstyles for fashion-hair photos and sale of hair care products.

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